Rainbow Muse Planter

Rainbow Muse Planter


Wheel thrown speckled buff stoneware vessel/planter with hand painted rainbow rising bird motif. Layers of a soft creamy matte glaze with lots of speckles line the inside. Exterior is left unglazed. Bird is semi-matte indigo blue. No drainage hole in this vessel, making it multi-purpose.

This planter measures 3 1/2” tall, and 4 1/4” wide at rim. Handmade in my workshop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Last year I was going through a difficult time, career challenges had come in droves, I was creatively burnt out, and just trying to find my way. I discovered pottery and fell in love with the process. This image of a bird silhouette rising over a rainbow came to me just as I regained my creative energy. To me it symbolizes the joy of creativity, of regaining equilibrium and starting again, of rising up.

This planter is microwave and dishwasher safe, but for longest life of your pottery hand washing is lighter wear and tear.

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